Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WGA validation crack

WGA Validation Crack (1.9.0009.1) -> already outdated, latest is 1.9.0040.0 (see below for updated crack)

download here.this one is virus free. however please don't take mine/anyone's word for it and make sure you do check the file on before you run it

the same file posted on isohunt is with bad virus, the one i found there contains trojan that keylogs your world of warcraft account password. that explains why so many noobs are crying that they never click this and never install that and yet still have their account hijacked

even if the file is from trusted source, SCAN IT! be lazy you will pay for it later!

more about WGA here

now, just realised, the latest version has been updated to 1.9.0040.0, dated 2009-03-24. so this post is already out of date... damn microsoft. the crack for 1.9.0040.0 can be downloaded here (exe) and here (batch). i've checked the batch file one against no virus. BUT don't just take my word for it, check it yourself too

above info is taken from

WGA history is removed from wiki (wonder why). here is a good history list

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