Saturday, April 11, 2009

entry level PC with good performance would cost how much at Q2 2009?

according to this analysis, entry level PC with good performance would cost under TWD 12500 (he reckons TWD 12250 would do it). that's excluding casing, monitor, optical drive and power supply

yet the spec is pretty decent!

furthermore, many people would have got an old display card, twin display (yeah i am thinking KVM, or VNC approach), more than one hard drive, and no need of optical drive in the second PC. the total then comes to TWD 7500 excluding casing and power supply

that's freaking affordable. you could have run linux on it and using it as a high-end router with bandwidth control, or NAS, or as a media centre next to your PC. that'd make it only TWD 3500 more than "western digital HD TV media player (TWD 4000)"

think about that...

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