Wednesday, April 8, 2009

outlook - individual column/field settings for each folder

i use outlook 2003 extensively and have quite a few folder (who doesn't...). most of the folders are used just for data filtering, but some are used for tracking and other purposes which requires different appearance (different appearance as having different columns/fields, and having each column/field with different width etc)

if you tried to adjust your inbox folder, say, having both "from" and "to" field while keeping your "customer" folder just have the "from" field (no "to" field), this may, under certain circumstances, not be possible. one instance i found that could screw up the setting is seaching all folders. anyway if you have tried it you'd know what i mean, if you never tried to do this you probably won't know what i am talking about ;)

the fix to above is here. you need to Win+R execute outlook.exe /cleanviews. by the way this won't work in command prompt because outlook.exe is not on one of the default path

once you cleared all the views, you are good to go to create new views :)

can't help wonder why, for something as simple as this, microsoft has to make it this complicate to get it done...

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