Friday, April 10, 2009

seagate barracuda 7200.12

7200.12 is 500GB per platter, so it's deemed to be faster than 7200.11's 375GB

only problem, as of 10 april 2009, is that it only goes up to 1TB. 1.5TB is still not available yet. i wonder if they are going to release 2TB version (i would guess so)

need to buy a new hard drive at end of april. hope the new 1.5TB would be out by then

i actually want to buy external hard drive (the seagate free agent desk drives), and this makes it difficult to know if the external drive contains a 11 or 12 generation drive inside...

here is a review that i pulled off the net.


yeah i am aware of the firmware bug issue, but i only realised after i posted above that how serious the bugs are (also it is affecting almost all of the hard drives), and what actions seagate is taking to sort it out

any one can make mistake. the key is not to make no mistake (unless you are inhuman...) but how you look at it, what action you take to resolve it and what you learn from it

i got to say, i am very disappointed. busy checking what options i have with WD and hitachi...


going for western digital's 1.5TB drive (2TB is way too expensive)

2TB review here

the last major recall by wester digital seems to be 1999/2000 (searched on google with keyword "western digital recall", it comes up with 1999 recall also). looks like western digital is a much safer bet

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