Wednesday, April 8, 2009

single file scanning site

there are many file scanning sites out there, the best 2, in my opinion, are: and

some facts:
  • up to 20MB per file
  • do not need to scan the file if been scanned before (can call up previous scan report)
  • 40 scan engines (don't think this matters that much as only a few engines matter)
  • upload progress meter/indicator (this is handy)
  • upload is quite quick
  • up to 10MB per file (re-verification needed)
  • cannot call up previous scan report
  • 20 scan engines
  • no upload progress meter/indicator
  • upload can stall sometimes and have no warning - this can be frustrating
  • this site is created by a fellow south african :) this is a big plus
remember, if you download apps/games via P2P, scan it. DON'T BE LAZY! Most of the time it contains something undesirable

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