Wednesday, April 8, 2009

outlook setting files location information

for backing up outlook, simply backing up the PST is not quite enough. you also need to back up the settings

the chances of corrupting outlook 2003's setting files seem to be much higher than the PST (i have crashed setting a few times already but yet to damage my PST. fingers crossed on that one...) . when the setting files are damaged you could loose your toolbar settings, your favorite folders setting etc. i found it really annoying

the files storing outlook settings are located here. back them up now!

just an idea, perhaps i should write a batch file, before opening up outlook, the batch file should copy all the settings first...

ok just had the batch file made and tested
cd D:\profile\chris\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
xcopy *.* D:\document\email\Outlook /W /H /Y
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE" /recycle

i wanted to change the batch file's icon to outlook's and noticed that you can't... you can't change batch file's icon directly (how stupid... perhaps for security reason?). however there are 2 ways to overcome this:
  • covert the batch file into an exe. you can use "batch to exe converter". this is freeware and is available here
  • if that's too much trouble, you could create a shortcut and change the shortcut's icon
by the way, you may noticed the switch /recycle. this is to open outlook again using existing instance. here is full list of all switches for outlook.exe (nothing looks that great to use)

a bit off topic, for backup i use acronis true image home to back up open files (i think this is called shadow copy) - that's right you do not need to close your excel and outlook and you can back up the open files. you can even back up your OS while you are running it. however i found backing up OS and window profiles often hangs acronis. best is to back up standard open files


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