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How to remove the blacklist and re-enable your Directory Opus


Directory Opus is an alternative windows explorer. if you find windows explorer not as customisable as you would like it, or found windows explorer crashes too often, or whatever other reason you want to dump windows explorer, first alternative you should consider is Directory Opus. trust me this is a very good piece of app. it totally replace windows explorer. it even remap the hot key Win+E!

below is the the features that i like about directory opus
Designed for Windows: Directory Opus 9 has been designed and written from the ground up especially for Windows. Full support for the latest Windows Operating Systems from 2000, XP and 2003 and Windows Vista.

Familiar Interface: Unlike many other file managers, Directory Opus defaults to an Explorer-compatible user interface. You can immediately begin using Directory Opus, with no learning curve, because it will feel extremely familiar and comfortable to you. But, you will find that you can easily configure the interface to fully personalize your system including the use of dual file displays or multiple displays for special folders.

Fully Configurable Menus, Toolbars and Hotkeys: Directory Opus supports unlimited menus and toolbars. Toolbars can be attached to any side of a Lister display or can be independent free-floating windows. Directory Opus supports user-configurable hotkeys, both for use within Opus, and globally throughout the system. The Windows key is also fully supported!

True Multitasking: The object-orientated multi-threaded design gives you unheralded power to perform multiple operations at the same time. Why should you have to wait for your computer to finish? Now you can begin one task and immediately move on the the next. Zip one folder whilst unzipping into another, at the same time as you are downloading files from a remote FTP site and copying yet more files between your local folders, independently and reliably.

Built-in Viewer Pane: Quickly view pictures, text files and other types of files in the Opus Viewer pane directly in the Lister window. Opus supports a viewer plug-in system so you can add new drivers for the specific file formats you wish to view as they become available. Directory Opus comes with plug-ins for many popular image and document file formats. Third party libraries can extend the viewing capabilities to include Word and Excel documents, Acrobat files and many other types of files. A free SDK is available for developers to write their own viewer plug-ins.


the built in viewer is exceptionally good. it is fast and, most importantly, it opens files with unicode filename! yeah i have found no other program that opens image with unicode filename except directory opus (well, windows picture and fax viewer doesn't really count as it lacks zero customisation capability)

directory open BLACKLIST issue

if you installed Directory Opus and by mistake updated or allowed it to auto update, and subsequently have Directory Opus blacklisted, this is how to get it working again without reinstalling windows

below is direct copy from the above link. many thanks to weicker for sharing this method with us


The following text was written by jjkarrington working with some stuff that I initially found out. It's applicable for an older version of Dopus but the same "theme" holds true here - the same hidden registry key and file concept. Work with this and see if you can unblacklist yourself.

Caution: You are advised to backup your registry (and perhaps even your computer) before proceeding. In other words, proceed at your own risk.

Directory Opus YAG (dopus aka dopus 9.1) uses a licensing scheme based on certificates. YAG provided the "thomalla" certificate that unlocks dopus. The problem is that eventually the thomalla certificate is blacklisted by dopus. Dopus stores the blacklist certificates in multiple registry branches and in multiple file locations. You can uninstall dopus and reinstall but the certificate will still be blacklisted because the blacklist information is not deleted.

What follows is not a minimal set of instructions but rather the steps we used to get dopus working again with the thomalla certificate. Simply put, its just happened to be the way that worked for us.

Although we did this by installing dopus, applying the thomalla certificate, and then upgrading to dopus (YAG), we don't see why these instructions won't work with directly. The release was just a convenient starting point for troubleshooting the issue.

Step 1: prevent dopus from contacting home to obtain the blacklist. Step 1 is a must even if you have a working certificate or have never installed dopus before.

1a. Either create your own firewall rules or do what we did and add the following to your windows host file:

file: %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

1b. reboot

1c. test - ping both and and make sure the reply is from

Step 2. Uninstall Dopus, reboot. Step 2 and what follows are for those whose thomalla certificate has been blacklisted.

Step 3: Optional: clean the registry of all non-trivial references to "gpsoftware" and "dopus". Personally, I don't think this step is necessary but I did it anyway.

Step 4. Remove the black list from the registry

4a. For each of the registry keys below, delete any values and subkeys but do not delete the keys themselves:

The registry keys are:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\Time
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\File Manager\Settings

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Management\AppDataBucket\


For this branch


you will see subkeys like this


Blow the subkeys away but leave the branch intact (it will be empty when you are done). If the branch is already empty, then fine, go to the next.

4b. Search for the following value: {CBE4B0D2-C4FC-45E3-976C-7D2E951DD34B} and delete the key. If you have followed the steps above, you should not find this but just in case.

Step 5. Remove blacklist files:

5a. Delete the contents of C:\windows\system32\inf32 but leave the inf32 directory (it will
be empty when you are done).

5b. delete the following files. If the file is not found, go to the next one.

del /Q /A "%programfiles%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.dat"
del /Q /A "%appdata%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.dat"
del /Q /A %windir%\xpcc37.log
del /Q /A %windir%\system32\argtmp39.dll
del /Q /A %windir%\system32\inf32\*

attrib "%Systemroot%\..\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.cert" -s -h -r
del /Q /A "%Systemroot%\..\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.cert"

NOTE: don't make my mistake - I went to the dos prompt and looked for the files and did not find them. Some are hidden at the dos prompt. The thomalla certificate was not accepted until the files were deleted.

6. Install dopus 9.1 YAG and see if the thomalla certificate is accepted.

NOTE: as stated we installed first and then upgraded to 9.1. However, installing 9.1 and bypassing in step 6 should work.



  1. Or you could just buy it?

    1. I was going to until I saw the price. Too expensive! If it was around $40 for 2 PCs I would have.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Exactly like me. Price more than $40 is a crazy price (at least for private use).

  2. Thanks, helped me to clean the blacklist.

  3. I will attempt the instructions on the 64 bit version. Crossing my fingers !

  4. Worked on 64 Bit W7. Thanks !!!

  5. It was really a useful one to get an alternative of windows explorer. The article has everything about OPUS.Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I don't know if the listed addresses to block are enough since GPsoftware's site, if I'm not mistaken, is now also redirects to and and (without the AU) also redirects to GPSoftware's site.

    What I did is to identify the IP's to block, including some older addresses that no longer ping but were described in other sites. This is listed below:


    (To block append before the addresses, e.g.

    I also added these IPs to block to Comodo Firewall plus I included all the Comodo EXE files as files to be blocked by the firewall in case they try to communicate. It's probably an overkill but my Dopus works like a charm.

  7. awesome !
    thank you so much for the help clearing the blacklist. Mr Potter can kiss my bottom if he thinks I'm paying 60 euros for a file explorer
    even if it is the best one. 20 euros no problem
    but we can wait a long time for that if ever...
    I only needed to clear the registry entries and it worked, I saw the list and deleted all the keys. I would not delete anything in the inf/inf32 directories though as those are needed
    by the system.

  8. Anything different to do for version 10?

  9. I have just try it on my win 7 with the version well so far.
    Thx :p

  10. I followed your guide and i still have unable to enable it. Although my copy didnt prevent me from using it or saying that i have invalid license, all my files are like ~1, like ms-dos filename.

    How do I overcome this? I'm using version

  11. I tried it with version 10.0.1 and that didnt work.
    Eventually i found that there was one more file at "C:\ProgramData\sdpsenv.dat" that needed to be deleted. After that the license worked again just fine.

  12. Does the filename revert back to ~1 tho? DirOpus didnt complaint that my license are invalid tho.

  13. You are the AWESOME !

  14. Try this man... work for me :)

  15. After installing v10, I made the mistake of modifying my firewall rule to allow the FTP to work. It immediatley blacklisted the cert.

    I did all of the above and tried to reinstall v9xxx and now it still knows the cert is bogus.

    After a few minutes, the files names are abbreviated. This is mentioned at GPSoft's forum.

    So, there is still more files or items in the registry that identify the cert is blacklisted.

  16. They now figure out if they are blocked so you need to redirect to yourself.

  17. How would you do that? Just add before the ip addresses above or is there something else to it?

  18. Also these

  19. How do these program installers add those registry entries without being detected? I've tried various uninstall tools which watch what installers do and none have seen the Opus installer install those above entries into the registry.

  20. These registry entries are being added after the program has been installed, seemingly when Opus checks for updates and possibly at other random times, these entries are added to the registry silently. This way, any uninstall tool will not see these registry entries. If you monitor your firewall, you should be able to see an attempt by Opus to make changes to the registry.

  21. Good evening,

    I installed the program but it does not work!
    - I download the Directory Opus from the official web site trial version
    - OS installed with all the patch update: Windows XP SP3

    Problem: Display by the end of the names of files and folders are truncated and replaced by ~ 1; for example: "My music" folder is displayed "MAMUSI ~ 1". Folder "my pictures is displayed" MESIMA ~ 1 ";" etc.
    Completely zero as software! Do not buy this program!

  22. I don't understand.

  23. I tried to use this method but it just got confusing and...

    I did however manage to find an alternative fix for the 8.3 DOS file-names issue (SEE BELOW) as I was stuck to using, but had no issues with the program so wasn't too bothered. Haven't tried 10 yet but may venture over now that is now working and test the water...also, the fix will block access to DOpus website so blacklisting shouldn't occur unexpectedly

    **Apparently adding ANY GPSoftware web address to the Windows hosts file can also cause the 8.3 file-name issue, so remember to remove them***

    2. If DOpus is already installed BACKUP your current settings (if possible) and un-install using REVO Uninstaller and then click SCAN to delete any registry and program leftovers.
    3. download CCleaner and run both the cleaner and registry scanner to check for any current PC issues!!!! no need to back anthing up as already done in step 1.
    4. copy and paste the text from PASTEBIN into notepad
    5. save to desktop as OpusRegCleaner.bat
    6. right click OpusRegCleaner.bat and run as ADMINISTRATOR (if the FIX fails continue with steps and run fix after restart and a further restart to make sure the FIX has been applied)
    7. run CCleaner again to clean any new redundant files and registry keys
    8. restart PC to remove any DOpus files that are still in use by windows
    9. install DOpus and run program OPTIONAL: disable auto update click ok (settings menu and type UPDATE in the filter box) and block DOpus.exe, dopusrt.exe (and dopusx64.exe if using x64) with Windows Firewall or another internet protection program
    10. install certificate

    all done!!

  24. Hi there

    This worked up to 10.2, it found another way around my firewall to Call Home and blacklist.

    Any idea how to clean 10.2 and reset the blacklist? It is saving the blacklist in another way and I cannot seem to reset it.


  25. I am having the same issues with 10.2. I've run through all of the steps outlined in the article above and tried all of the solutions suggested by user comments. Dopus is still seeing my certificate as blacklisted. Anybody successfully found a way to use 10.2 with a blacklisted certificate?

  26. Someone put together a DOS batch file that executes all of the removal steps outlined thus far. According to the script (linked below) these removal methods will only work on Dopus versions up to 10.0.2. I myself am trying to get a cert to work with Directory Opus v10.2.0.0 build 4645. Using the steps outlined here will not even reset the 30 day trial period license. Clearly they are storing information in new locations now. Anybody found any new methods or information regarding v10.2?

    Reset Directory Opus and block calling home up to v10.0.2 (

  27. Doesnt work with 10.2 10.1. and i have added more ip than the last pastebin given.
    Maybe it works with a fresh OS installed.
    really hard

  28. A priori one is there:
    The procedure functions only to version 10.0.2
    - To modify the file hosts became useless.
    - To apply the batchs as a mode administrator.
    Apparently the blocking of IP does not function in the principal batch, to do it manually.
    - Important to block achievable the dopus, dopusrt etc, in the firewall Windows, as in the firewall antivirus if it has some for more safety.
    - And to think of disabling several times the automatic update in the program to fix its desactivation.

    The procedure makes it possible to reset dopus and to prevent dopus from invalidating the certificate
    on emule we can find them on web it becomes hard

  29. from the origiginal list on 10.2 those are the other keys to delete:

    *** HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\CPC\Volume\
    *** HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2

    the 10.2 complete list:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\Time
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\File Manager\Settings


    1. and I have only the 2 original lines in hosts plus dopus.exe blocked on my FW

    2. Your instructions don't make sense. The original instructions are to delete all the values & subkeys of the listed registry keys. So when you include "HKCU\...\MountPoints2" then you're suggesting that we delete all its subkeys. It has a ton of subkeys & subsubkeys, among which would be the "...\MountPoints2\CPC\Volume" subkey, which you want us to delete separately! You're not being clear & accurate in your description, which will mess up people's systems.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I’ve been using DirOpus 9.1 for years (2008-2014) with Thomalla license with no problems. Now I’ve bought another computer and next day after installing DirOpus (same version and license) it complains about invalid license! Uninstalling is useless. I’ve found this excellent information (thanks, by the way) and applied it, OK.

    I think that there’s no need to block internet addresses, as I haven’t blocked anything in the past years and DirOpus has worked well. I just disabled Automatic program updates from the very beginning. I noticed that you need to first uncheck “Perform automatic update check silently”, and then uncheck Program updates. Otherwise it was reenabled each time I was going back to verify its status.

    By the way, license manager closes regmon (Registry Monitor) if you try to track its activity! It’s been a surprise that DirOpus spreads all these blacklist backups among Registry keys and system files. Fighting against piracy is a dirty war...

  32. Directory Opus Files And Processes

    Block Directory Opus executables with a good firewall such as Outpost firewall Pro:

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\dopus.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\d8viewer.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\dowshlp.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\Viewers\docsvw32.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\Viewers\docsvw64.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\x86\dopus.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\x86\d8viewer.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\x86\dopusrt.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\x86\dowshlp.exe

    C:\Program Files\Directory Opus\x86\Viewers\docsvw32.exe

    Now if you try to update Directory Opus, it won't be able to, you'll get an error message:
    Unable to connect to remote host (10013)

  33. Version 11.10 still calls home, blocked all exe and even DLL, OCX as well as all URL, IP... freaking weird. Only when I disconnected my PC from internet it stays activated. Kudos to the developper actually. I'm done trying... would buy but 89$, really? Moving on to a free dual pane browser... don't need all the stuff in there...

  34. Latest versions (at least 11.4+) of Dopus use DLL injection to bypass Firewall rules.

    Dopus injects its own code into a wide variety of third party programs (IExplorer, Firefox, etc ...) to connect to its home website and retrieve blacklist.

    The Internet access will not come from Dopus.exe or any other Dopus executable, but from the injection DLL which is loaded into another process.
    Firewall rules based on process name become useless.

    The only way to go would be to block access according to destination IP, for all GPSoft IP and www addresses.

    Working on that.

  35. Currently running Dopus 11.7 x64, and not blacklisted after 60mn (generally blacklisting occurs after 30s to 2mn).

    What I've done :
    1. Install Acrylic DNS Proxy
    2. Configure it to refuse request of type "TEXT" by modding "PrimaryServerQueryTypeAffinityMask=A;AAAA;MX;CNAME" and "SecondaryServerQueryTypeAffinityMask=A;AAAA;MX;CNAME" in "AcrylicConfiguration.ini".
    3. Configure Windows to use as primary (and sole) DNS server.

    When Dopus requests IP of site "" through a DNS TEXT request, Acrylic will discard it and blacklisting process will abort.

    May not work with other versions ...

    1. could you please post a text sequence to insert into the acrylic.ini file.

      Where do I: Configure Windows to use as primary (and sole) DNS server?

    2. Edit the file "AcrylicConfiguration.ini"
      Change the line number 51

      Do the same with line 74, change

      Restart Acrylic service.

      To use Acrylic as DNS proxy, go the your network adapter configuration screen, look for IPv4 options, and change "DNS auto" to manual and provide as DNS server address.

  36. It works wonder with Acrylic here!

    1. But may I ask how Acrylic just reject Directory Opus not others? If it rejects all outbounds, will it affect other various apps in Windows?

    2. "When Dopus requests IP of site "" through a DNS TEXT request, Acrylic will discard it and blacklisting process will abort."

      Do we need to add somewhere?

    3. you need to add the address to acrylic's hosts file if you haven't figured it out by your own by now..

  37. Installing acrylic and making the configuration file change has indeed fixed Directory Opus 11 from blacklisting itself. I still have the firewall and host file blocks in place also.

  38. Anyone have an updated list of places to clean to completely remove the trial key from files/registry?

    Also, they've updated their registry protections by changing permissions on the keys to TrustedInstaller. So you have to give yourself permission and take ownership of the keys or else you can't delete blocked keys.

  39. just download the 11.4 torrent that comes with "directory opus cleaner". I don't have any DNS redirects or anything setup and don't get blacklisted, except at reboot.

    To fix that, you just need to run the cleaner and reinstall the cert after every reboot. I leave my computer turned on (but asleep) when I'm not using it so it's just a minor inconvenience. I have windows task scheduler configured to run the cleaner in silent mode at logon so I just have to install the cert. It seems to remember the last place you found the cert, so you don't even have to go searching for it. Just a few extra clicks at logon is all it takes.

  40. I am getting short file names in DirOpus 11.4 x86 exactly after every five minutes of starting a new lister, whether I am connected to net or not. I think the program converts each file name to 8 characters DOS format in the view pane. Can any body give a solution to it.
    As regarding blacklisted, I have not faced that problem till now. As the program runs fine and shows valid license.

  41. well, a bit strange thou, when i did all of the suggestions:
    1. modify hosts to return every request for gpsoft to 127,
    2. modify dns to 127
    3. install and start acrylic
    4.modify registry entries accordingly
    so far dopus work worked great, but... i cannot surf the net!
    so, here's what i do to open my internet.. i just replace the entries in dns.. i just use google's...and it worked fine now.
    i jast dont know what it'd do to dopus... let's just wait..

  42. Amazing discussion! I agree the prg is way too expensive otherwise I would buy. Of interest here is the fact that I never had any problems using 11.4 on Win 7 using my firewall. When I installed Win 12 I kept Win 7 and converted to a VM. On Win 12, despite having taken every precaution as I did on Win 7 I cannot stop the prog from calling home. However, the VM machine works fine on the same network, firewall restrictions and certificate - it does not seem to call home and has worked with no problems. I can have both running side by side on two screens, one with a cert for life and the other about to expire. The only way I can get the Win 12 version to work is to uninstall with Revo re-install and then with a life cert recognised for it to revert to 30 days within 24-36 hours. I'm going to try June 25 suggestion above.

  43. Dopus blacklisting process is done through a DNS TXT request.
    You can bypass it many ways, with Acrylic or whatever, but you have to dismiss TXT request.

    Blocking all Dopus EXE will NOT do the job (because of DLL injection).
    Blocking all Dopus Internet addresses will NOT do the job (because blacklist is stored into a DNS TXT field, and that field is stored in the DNS servers all around the world).

    The only true reliable way to go is to :
    - Filter DNS TXT request with a firewall capable of.
    - Use a DNS proxy

    The third way consisting in cleaning registry and re-apply the CERT actually works for a random period of time.

    The "8.3 names syndrome" is the sign that Dopus has detected something wrong (mostly modified HOST).
    This is a kind of "I know you are cheating but I'm not 100% sure" mode.

  44. i already own multiple licenses but these darn virtual machines i'm just rying to use it for minute while i get these durn hackers off mhy vm

  45. Sorry my bad english!

    Hello guys!
    I've been following the whole history of the forum on DOpus and all the difficulty in keeping it turned on.
    After several attempts between installation and registry cleaning, trying to clean the blacklist, anyway, I did it!
    I installed version 12.6 with a valid certificate. It has been working perfectly for 4 weeks now.
    However, this procedure needs a lot of attention. Below is related to the procedure.

    * If you have already tried to install a version above 12.0 it is necessary that the version you want, remove with some program like: Advanced Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller etc ... If you want to use CCleaner also no problem.

    ** After that, run the directory file "Directory Opus Cleaner 1.2f"

    1- Turn off an internet.
    2- Install the program.
    3- Stop when a message appears asking if you want to start DOpus. DO NOT CLOSE WINDOW!
    4- Copy the files from the "Fix Files" folder to the system folder: Program Files> GPSoftware>Directory Opus
    5- Rename the old files and paste the new ones, everyone! x64 and x86.
    6. Lock in the windows firewall itself, creating an exit rule for each of the x64, x86 files: dopus.exe, dowshlp.exe, dopusrt.exe, d8viewer.exe.
    7- Finish the installation, open the Dopus.
    8- Install the certificate.

    *** Consider the configuration procedure for version 11.3. "How to install"


    Disable stalls.
    Configure proxy.
    Disable FTP function.
    Then you can connect an internet.