Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to fix Live Messenger installation error "hr:ox80070643" - WLM forced upgrade on 16 Sep 2009

you are visiting my blog because you want a quick, direct and effective solution right? i am going to make this really short

below solution is for you if you have experienced any of these problems

  1. if you are trying to upgrade your Live Messenger but ran into this problem "hr:ox80070643"
  2. if you are trying to install Live Messenger but stupid windows doesn't give you the option install
  3. if you have successfully installed Live Messenger but cannot log on (sorry i forgot the error code), and that you should uninstall Live Messenger then reinstall again, but stupid windows doesn't let you reinstall

option 1 - run zapmessenger. it can be downloaded here

option 2 - run deepclean. you can download it here

if you prefer to download offline installation version live messenger, here it is (134MB). i have tried many offline installation, so far only this one works

big thanks for the authors of zapmessenger and deepclean!!


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this really nice trick.I have this problem and your trick work properly for me.


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