Friday, May 15, 2009

Nintendo dual screen (NDS) study

This is information that I gathered on NDS so far. Please let me know if anything is not 100% correct. I can be contacted via "chris in taipei at g mail dot com" no space

1. Too basic to find, but so basic that you should know:
There are 3 DS consoles, namely Nintendo DS (aka NDS, the ugly kid), Nintendo DS Lite (aka NDSL, the one that is available everywhere), and Nintendo DSi (aka NDSi, the latest one)

  • 1.1 Charger for NDS, NDSL and NDSi are all imcompatible. They usually come in either 110v or 22ov (not 100v to 240v). A 100v to 240v charger in Taiwan's auction site costs around USD 2.5 for NDSL, to USD 5 for NDSi. Charging via USB cable is slower than adaptor, can may not charge as full, but it is the most compatible/convenient. USB cable is around USD 2, same price for NDSL and NDSi
  • 1.2 Games all seem to be compatible
  • 1.3 Hacking cards may not be compatible. So far I know AK2i works on NDSi and NDSL. R4i works on NDSi but I am not sure if it works on NDSL. Please note AK2i has language issue on NDSi. More info on that here
  • 1.4 All NDSL and NDSi, the console interface language can change to English even if by default is in Korean (mine is...) or else. Console interface language, hacking cards interface language and game's language all don't seem to be linked i.e. you can have a Korean NDSL running a Chinese interface hacking card while playing games in English
  • 1.5 NDSL and NDSi use lithium ion battery i.e. no need to purposely run the battery flat then recharge
  • 1.6 In terms of convenience, best charging method is to use USB cable like this one here. Note NDSL and NDSi uses different cable (head is different)
  • 1.7 GBA and NDS charger are compatible
  • 1.8 NDSL/NDSi consoles are not like DVD, they don't have region restriction. Units only differ in terms of bundled charger voltage and default interface language (can always change back to English). The same applies to game, but most games you cannot change its language
  • 1.9 For example, Mario Kart DS is available in both English and Japanese, you cannot mix the 2 to play multiplayer games. The game in both console must be in the same language. But there is a work around :)

2. Information to read before buying your first NDSL and NDSi hacking cards (aka Nintendo DS storage devices, it is used to play illegal downloadable games as per below)

My wife bought a metallic pink NDSL together with R4 SDHC, it reads 4GB SD fine, presummabilly it'd read 8GB fine also. My NDSL battery is flat and without a correct voltage charger with me... Will try the 8GB once battery is charged up

For NDSL, the most popular card is the R4DS. This leads to make fakes... And R4DS does not support SDHC (max 2GB SD). DSTT supports SDHC but also plagued with fakes. The most powerful is the CycloDS Evolution which also makes it the most expensive

If you are in to buy a NDSL like me, my recommendation at this point, is the AceKard 2i (aka ak2i) as this works for both NDSL and NDSi. Please note I do not own ak2i card nor NDSi, this recommendation is based on my reading so far

3. Emulators to play on PC

Since my battery is flat and without charger, I thought perhaps one can play it on PC instead. This is my finding:
Places to find emulators for NDS

And you'd need a joystick/game pad for PC to better mimic the NDS control. This Logitech game pad is very inexpensive and the layout "looks" pretty similar to NDS

5. Recommended games to play on

Now you need the games to play it and here you go :)

5A. A short list of best selling Nintendo DS games (torrent downloading directly from isohunt):

5B. Sites where you can find NDS news, and games to download: -> need I say more? Anything and everything is here...


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